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Discussion created by Daniel Rogers on Jan 27, 2010
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I have just purchaced the MCF52259EVB board and are trying to do a simple RTOS program that sends Hello world out the serial port.


I decided to try using the Processor expert to initalize the device.


I have updated to v7.1.2 However have tot been able to find the release nots instructions for ensuring the processor expert will work correctly.


I have added the MCF52259CAG80 processor to the CPU beans and added UART 0 to thebeans. Set the settings


However I get to errors


1. INTERNAL ERROR: at line 2153 Unknown macro "CW_PRJWIX_MCU_NAME: (file: Drivers\MCF\MCF.drv)

2. INTERNAL ERROR at line 121: File not found sources\ctartcf.c (file: drivers\MCF\codewarrierMCF_plugin.prg)


Can anyone please point me in the right direction.


I have little experiance with the coldfire processor and processor expert feature.


But have great experiance with codewarrier and the HCS12 processor.