Building USB connection for a microcontroller (RS08)

Discussion created by M K on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by pgo

Hi there. I need some help with moving on with my university project. I would really appreciate any guidance and tips from experienced programmers and designers.


My project involves getting the information from the outside world (force acting on piezo), converting it to digital signal and interfacing it with a computer for further processing probably with PD.

Now, I know how to connect everything and perform ADC but I am stuck at the stage of connecting to the computer via USB. I have some basic knowledge about it but need to know how to set up the connection between micro and PC. Does it require a lot of configuration (host etc). I'm not sure how to write the code that would put the ADC data on the USB and how to set up PC to receive it.

I will be using RS08 KA8 microcontroller. Can anybody give me some points where to start, maybe some similar projects? I spent the whole day searching on the internet but without any results.

ANY help is very much appreciated!