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inline assembler instructions with offsets

Question asked by slarti on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2010 by CompilerGuru

Hi all,

this seemingly simple inline instruction won't compile:


char c;char d;void foobar(void){  __asm   movb c , d : 1 ; // access byte behind d}


It generates an error C12089: ',' expected before next element


Version with '+' or reversed order yield the same result. It seems that the assembler can't generate the necessary offset calculation to produce the desired access.  The reason I want to have this is a C array which I want to access with indices which carry an offset:


#define OFS -4char x[8];char get(char c) // c ranges from 4 .. 11{    return x[OFS + c];}




Of course on can always do the offset calculation at runtime, at the cost of extra bytes and cycles:


#define OFS -4char x[8];char get(char c) // c ranges from 4 .. 11{    c += OFS;    return x[c];}



But this negates the whole purpose of using inline assembly IMO.


Is there a solution to this?