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Bootloader help

Question asked by Luka Rahne on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by Luka Rahne

I need to make bootloader so there is possibilities for remote upgrading of FW.

Currently I have simple flash upload on upper half of Flash and then coying on lower part but since code increased I need better and more robust aproach.


I have extrernal RomFlash avaliable and my plan is to copy code from there.


My only problem is how to put certain part of code (bootloader) on specific place, so it does not get overwriten during writing on Flash.


I was thinking of 3 aproches.



Using some copiler's directive to put code on cretain place



Abusing linker.



Abusing inline function.



I would preferer 1st aproach so can somebody help me whit such directives? Some parts of codes are also in ASM so few pointers on this parts would be also helpful.