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SR Number:    1-606904445 I already open a technical request but until now the probelm still on

Date Opened:  16-Jan-2010 02:46:22 AM
Subject:      MC9S08QE128RM SPI
To whom it may concern.
We are using MC9S08QE128- 44 pin, with  two SPI.
We  want to control SS1 line as IO's due to we need to send two bytes to
a DAC., using the SPI as bidirectional only MOSI
The problem we have if the program run step by step SS2 line goes low
and high controlled as standard IO's. When the program run under
debugger the SS2 line is high never goes low
Here is the code that control the SPI
The code is attached to this email.
I need to know were is our mistake.
Jose Tello
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