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Discussion created by Frederic BEAUPIN on Jan 19, 2010
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I'm a french student who have to use Codewarrior 8.0 with a DSP56F807. I got an academic licence which i enter on to the freescale internet web site, i put the registration code and i download "CW_DSC56800E_8.3_Evaluation.exe" and the file licence.bat which i put in the codewarrior file, i choose the DISK ID and i put my hard drive referenc.


When i start codewarrior IDE il'll go to the menu "Help" in the menu bar and i want to register with the selection "Licence Autorization", i enter the Licence Authorization Codeand i choose the node lock id with disk id but it doesn't work. I can't register my codewarrior.


I think i do somthing wrong, but i don't understand what