Lenouaille Olivier

Bootloader USB MSD on MCF52254

Discussion created by Lenouaille Olivier on Jan 19, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by Davide Pagliai

Hi !


I am trying to use the Bootloader USB MSD v3_2 (USB Bootloader V2 Blinks LED1 project) on a custom board with a MCF52254.

I just changed three things :

- the LED pin (Port TC0 to Port TC2)

- the button or jumper pin (Port NQ5 to Port AN5)

- remove debug (no debug on MCF52254, Port DD doesn't exist) 


I have the following problem :

If I use my debbuger (AxBDM CF -> a TLBCF : http://www.axman.com/node/303), everything works good !

If I program the MCF52254, nothing happens !


I am sure that it is a problem with the .lcf file.

I think when I program, the reset vector is false 


If somebody can help me...

Thanks by advance !