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Problem with returning a float32 number to the calling function

Question asked by John Floros on Jan 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2010 by John Floros

I am currently using codewarrior V2.5 for PowerPC with the MPC5607B which has a Z0 core with no hardware floating point support.

I am using the software floating point option and I am able to calculate correctly floating point math operations with no problem.  The issue is when I send the calculated result back to the calling function the variable in the calling function that is expected to be equated to the return result is not getting set to the value calculated.  I have included the following libraries in my project:



It is like the GPR register assignment is not looking at the right register for the return parameter. 

I have converted the function to return UINT32 and it does return the parameter appropriately but I need to be able to return floating point numbers.  Thank you!