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Using libraries in CW6.2 for Coldfire

Discussion created by Brian Carroll on Jan 15, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm using CodeWarrior 6.2 with the MCF51QE128.


In my application, I want to use some functions from an existing C source library. I've managed to compile the library (first time for me), and call the specific functions I need from my application. When I compile the application, it works OK, but the entire library seems to end up inside my processor. This wastes a huge amount of flash space that I will need to use for other code later.



Does anyone know how to get CodeWarrior to remove the unused parts of the library? (I thought this would happen automatically if I created a library, that's why I did it that way...)


What I did: 

I created two projects: one to compile the library and the other for my application. 


To compile the library, I imported all the source files into the project. Then I went to

"Targets" panel -> Standard -> Coldfire Target

and changed the Project Type to "Library", and gave it a name like mylib.lib

At this stage I hit the "Make" button. It all compiled OK and the .lib appeared. Good!


Then I created a separate project for the application. I wrote a "main" routine to call the functions I need. Then I went to the "Libs" section of the "Files" tab and added the .lib file.


When I "make" the application project and download it into the processor, it tells me it is transferring 117kB. This is roughly the amount of code in the full library. Am I doing something wrong? I really hope I don't have to restructure or rewrite parts of the library by hand!