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Programming through the TWR-MCF51CN

Discussion created by Andre Fernandes on Jan 13, 2010
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I bought the TWR-MCF51CN. The User Manual says:


"6.2 Stand-Alone Debug Interface
The OSBDM circuit is designed so that it can program the on-board MCF51CN device, or be isolated
from the on-board circuitry and be used as a programmer for other ColdFire V1 devices. The steps
necessary to operate the OSBDM in this mode are listed here:
1. Remove 0 ohm resistor, SH1
2. Connect J8 (2x3 header) from TWR-MCF51CN to target debug connector"


So, as far as I understood, It's possible to program my prototype board through the Tower System. Am I right?


The question is that when I try to download the code to prototype board CodeWarrior don't find the hardware.



Does anyone succeed in program the uController throught the Tower System? Got any problem?


Best regards!



André Fernandes

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