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I am developing a USB device, using the microprocessor JM32.
I already have written the firmware following the tutorial of Samuel Quiroz (USBJM_Training GUI) and created the file .inf .  (now the PC link the JM32-USB interface properly).

Now I'm writing a Windows application to communicate with the JM32, using the tool wxDev-C++ .
I'm trying to load dynamically the library SimpleUSB.dll but I have problems.
It seems that the API "LoadLibrary" return correctly, but the "GetProcAddress" does not find any function within SimpleUSB.

I'm not very expert in programming so I kindly ask if anyone have some C++ code example to understand how to use the SimpleUSB.dll. Or any other material that can help me to read the USB with wxDev-C++.

Yesterday I tried to use Microsoft WinUSB.h (from WDK), but I'm not able to compile the code without errors (there are difference on declarations from the Microsoft Tools and wxDev-C++).

Thanks for any help.