Brad Johnson

Timing spec source for "want min 4~ from w cycle to r"?

Discussion created by Brad Johnson on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2010 by bigmac

In various Freescale assembly language bootloader and flash programming files (i.e. doonstack.asm), there's a NOP instruction in the SpSub routine between writing and reading FSTAT.  The comment on that line is "want min 4~ from w cycle to r".


I understand the need for a delay, but where does the number 4 come from, as in which spec?  Does the 4 refer to Fclks, microseconds, something else?  So far I haven't had any luck locating the actual required time between writing and reading FSTAT.  I'm using a QE128, and I couldn't find any relevant info in there about this (just a reference to typical flash program time of 4 Fclks).