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M52259DEMOMCU boot ladder problem

Question asked by KEVIN KRATZER on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 12, 2011 by FridgeFreezer

I installed CW7.1 and let the patch com in for 7.1.2.  Found directions for installing the drivers from the read me: 


Detailed steps for firmware updating are described below:

1)  Execute the Freescale JM60 GUI Installer application by running
 {CW_INSTALL_DIR}/ColdFire_Tools/JM60 GUI/setup.exe
2)  Install a 1x2 pin header at J5.
3)  Install the Freescale JM60 GUI application.
4)  Set J5 jumper ON position.
5)  Connect the USB cable to the M52259DEMO board.
6)  Found New Hardware Wizard is launched for Freescale JM60 Bootloader device. Install the drivers.
7)  Open the Freescale JM60 GUI. The USB symbol in the lower right corner of the JM60 GUI should be
    green if the bootloader is activated.
8)  Select Bootloader from the JM60 Application Menu.
9)  Download and unzip "" located on the Freescale website at
10) Load the SREC file, "osbdm-jm60_cfv234_emb.abs.s19" (located in the following folder relative to where the zip file
    above was unpacked: "osbdm-JM60_b12_04072009_C\osbdm\osbdm-JM60\bin\cfv234\") from the JM60 USB Bootloader window.
11) Select Execute from the JM60 USB Bootloader window.
12) Do not interrupt the firmware update process until it completed.
13) Close the Freescale JM60 GUI.
14) Disconnect the USB cable.
15) Set J5 jumper OFF position.




While I was doing the boot ladder update for the demo board, and it seemed like I could point to the file folder, but not get it to accept the destination file.  Now when I plug in the demo board there is the sound of a double connect. but is does not come up with the USB boot ladder window.  What can I do now?