Drew Rainwater

Migrating Assembly Code from HC11 to HC12 (MC9S12A32, specifically)

Discussion created by Drew Rainwater on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by kef

I'm looking for a starting point for documentation on migrating existing HC11 assembly code (written by a previous employee) to the MC9S12A32.


It was my understanding that there should be complete coverage of HC11-based assembly code by the HC12 assembler, but I'm seeing assembly errors on BSET/BCLR and BRSET/BRCLR instructions.


All of my previous experience has been with 8052 processors, so I apologize for starting from scratch here.  Like I said, I'm looking for someone to hopefully point out a good starting point.


If it helps, a few of the instructions that are throwing assembly errors:


BSET   2,Y  $04  (illegal addressing mode error)

BRCLR  FLAG #$20 DBDELAY (illegal addressing mode error)


Thanks in advance.