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*Opinions* Choosing a uP for a project

Question asked by Josh Gilbrech on Jan 4, 2010
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I'm looking to utilize one of the HCS08 devices to run a small project. The device would need to communicate with a wireless sensor (through a MC13201), control a rather large COG LCD (Graphic 112x 64 dot matrix with onboard controller IC [parallel interface], and run off of a coin cell lithium battery. 


Inputs to the device would be 3-5 buttons along with the data from a wireless sensor. 


Right now I'm looking at one of the HCS08L series (LC,LL,LG) however the S08QE has also caught my eye. 


I'm rather new to freescale's lineup of processors so I'd appreciate any comments folks have on the HCS lineup, whether suggestions on choosing one of the ones I specified or even considerations on other lines. Being an engineer I'll denote what I really care about in order that I care about them:


Ability to communicate with the items above

Battery life

Size (the smaller the better)


Availability of demonstration boards/reference designs 

Flexibility for future designs


Thanks for those that take the time to post,