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Accessing Paged Memory in AC128

Discussion created by David Boyd on Jan 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by David Boyd

I'm trying to access PPAGE2 in the AC128.  The AC128 comes out of reset with PPAGE=2.  Therefore there should be 16k of flash available from $8000 to $BFFF.  I have a lookup table starting at $8000. It appears to program OK (using P&E USB Multilink), however when my running code reads back from $8000 onwards it only RETURNS $FF. 


I have tried forcing PPAGE=2 in code, but this makes no difference.


When I look at the flash using the P&E PROGHCS08 Show Module command, I can see the range from $8000 programmed.  However when I dump the flash to an S19 file using the Upload Module command, the code is nowhere.  Some files are attached.


I'm still researching this, but would appreciate any ideas - am I missing something here ?