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MCF52259 and flash writing / erasing

Discussion created by Marco Fratini on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2010 by Mark Butcher

Hi everyone. I'm working on a project of mine and using a board based upon MCF52259. I need to write some variables into the flash memory and I have two questions for you:


1) I read the application note AN3521 about flash programming on MCF5223X which is similar to MCF5225X. It says that accesses to flash memory should be done from RAM and provides a very good example code for doing that. Well, I tried to write and erase words and pages of the flash directly from the flash itself and it works fine at all. Is MCF5225X different from MCF5223X?


2) I successfully succeded in writing datas into the flash. Now I need to write some double type variables into flash. The program command is only for 32-bit word data. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? 


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