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MC13224V and Beekit 1.9.11 - Errors and Bugs

Question asked by dean sharples on Dec 25, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2009 by Mariano Alvira

I have started developing some applications using Beekit and the MC13224 and have noticed the following "issues" others may wish to comment on:


1) numerous errors in MC1322X ref manual rev 1.4. E.g. Gpio_GetPortData() listed as having 3 parameters, actually has only 2. (no bitmask).

2) Bug in TrancieverPowerManagement.c function MLMESetWakeupSource(). this function calls CRM_WuCntl() with uninitialised parameter WuCtrl.TIMER_WU_TIMEOUT, causing undefined wakeup timer timeout values. This function either needs have another parameter or the CRM_WuCntrl ROM call needs to be fixed.

3) MLMERadioInit In TrancieverConfigMngmnt.c calls RadioInit(). RadioInit does far more than one expects and is undocumented yet mandatory to use Beekit. it corrupts the Ring oscillator calibration values, and always sets the Buck regulator into "Bypass" mode. In a real application waking up from hibernation, this means an un-necessary spike in power drain for 40uS.


Freescale, if you are not going to supply the source code, at least document what these functions really do!. It also helps us in working out what order to initialize things.

Do any other developers have any other issues worth reporting?