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Using CDC to transmit data between PC and  M52223EVB via USB

Discussion created by Teoman Ogan on Dec 22, 2009
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I am using M52223EVB and CodeWarrior version 5.9.0 and trying to send and receive data to/from PC by USB plug-in.


I have downloaded Freescale_USB_Lite_CMX and installed it. I decided to use USB Host Demo so I created a new project and included all the files in the folders "usb-common" and "usb-host" which are present in "CMXUSB_LITE" folder. I received a lot of errors, so investigated in the codes and found two functions: cdc_getch() and cdc_putch(). I guess if I can manage to use these function correctly, I will achieve my aim. Of course I'm not sure about it.


To use the functions, I have included usb_cdc.c and and other files necessary to run usb_cdc.c and managed to make the project without errors. Now I try to receive data from PC via USB and to send it to UART0 (Sub-D 9) and observe the data in Hyperterminal (COM1). No problem in UART0 part. I use a second Hyperterminal (COM4) with the same properties (19200 bps, no parity, etc.) but I cannot receive any data via USB.


I may have problems both in hardware and software. I don't see any "Found new hardware" message when I plug in the USB. In Device Manager, I only saw two Communication Ports (COM1, COM2) and no MCF5222x CDC. I desperately changed COM2 to COM4.


Please help!


For the software part I'm posting my code to make more clear what I try to do:


#include "support_common.h" /* include peripheral declarations and more */
/* Standard IO is only possible if Console or UART support is enabled. */
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    int receive;
    printf("Hello World in C from MCF52223 derivative on M52223EVB board\n\r");

while (1)
    if (receive != 0)
    printf("%d",receive);  //printf works when I send a constant