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51AC and CRCV2

Question asked by LEPOURRY Julien on Dec 21, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by LEPOURRY Julien



I use the MCF51AC256 processor and I make an application with verify an I2C memory checksum.


I want to use the hardware CRC because the memory size which must be compute the CRC is 4 kByte.


I make a little application (DemoACKIT board) to show my problem :

this application changes the state of one LED every seconds and at each changement state, the application computes alternately Hardware CRC and software CRC.


When I don't activate the hardware CRC, LED blink correctly (every second)

When I activate the hardware CRC, the CRC function compute a correct CRC (compared to Software CRC) but the LED is fixed at state on or off, it's very strange.


In this case when I execute step by step the CRC, I remark that some register are modified.

I don't understand what happen.


If somebody already use the hardware CRC on this Coldfire, can he answered me and correct my application ?


Thank you.