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Link error: symbol has different size

Discussion created by Jonathan Roy on Dec 19, 2009
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I have a warning during linking I don't understand: "L1827: Symbol __as__appFRC3app has different size in app.cpp.o (102 bytes) and main.cpp.o (103 bytes)"...


The program seems to work correctly, but this warning stays incomprehensible to me.


Here is app.h:


#ifndef APP_H#define APP_H#include "btn.h"#include "pot.h"#include "brt.h"//#include "led.h"   class app{    private:        btn bouton1;        btn bouton2;        pot poti1;        pot poti2;          inp* inputs[ 4 ];            brt bruiteur;        int frequence;        int volume;        int on;    public:        app();        void Init();        void ScanInputs();        void RefreshOutputs();  };#endif


and main.cpp:



#include <hidef.h>       /* common defines and macros */#include <mc9s12dp256.h> /* derivative information    */#include "OS.h"#include "OS_Task.h"#include "app.h"#include "stack.h"#pragma LINK_INFO DERIVATIVE "mc9s12dp256b"#define COP_RESET() ARMCOP = 0x00     app Application;extern "C" void taskScan( void ){    Application.ScanInputs();}extern "C" void taskRefresh( void ){    Application.RefreshOutputs();}extern "C" void taskFeedCop( void ){    _FEED_COP();}extern "C" void taskCheckStack( void ){    if ( !STACK_chk() )        COP_RESET();   }void main( void ){    OS_Init();    Application.Init();      OS_Run();}



I've noticed that when I remove the comment for "led.h" inclusion (which is not needed here) in app.h file, the warning disappears !


Can someone help me please ?

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