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Problems Programming MC9S08SE8

Discussion created by Benjamin Alcalde on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2010 by Zahar Raskin


I´m working with MC9S08SE8 and I find some problems programming it at first time. When I try to program at first time I get the next message in a dialog box:


"The target MCU is not responding. Please turn MCU power off (Under 0.1v), turn MCU power on, and then click OK. This will attemp to enter debug mode through a power on reset sequence (BKGD currently is driven low."


I do that and I can program the uC. After the first programming I find no problems.


I tried as well program with "progHCS08sz" and I get the same error, but I can´t make a power on reset.


Why I can´t programing at fisrt time?



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