Loading and Running a s-record using Code Warrior 8.8

Discussion created by Guest on Dec 14, 2009
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Is it a way to automate the loading and running of a test load with Code Warrior 8.8? Actually, I am performing manually the following procedure:


1. Create a template EPPC8315 project

a. From toolbar menu: File->New->EPPC Project Wizard

b. Select name and location of project

c. Linker: Select Freescale PowerPC EABI Linker and click Next

d. Target: Select 83xx tab, select Processor: PowerPC 8315 and Board: 8315 RDB and Click Next

e. Programming Language: Select C language and Click Next

f. Remote Connection: Select CodeWarrior USB TAP and Click Finish


2. Target Initialization .cfg file Selection

a. From toolbar menu: Edit->Debug Version Settings

b. Under Debugger Settings, select EPPC Debugger Settings

c. Check 'Use Target Initialization File' and browse to point to the .cfg file

d. Uncheck 'Use Memory configuration File'

e. Click OK to complete


3.Load in RAM

a. From toolbar menu: Debug->Connect

b. Click 'Yes' when prompted to execute initialization file

c. Load into Ram: Debug->EPPC->Load/Save Memory

d. Choose Settings and click 'OK'

e. From toolbar menu: Project->Run


4. Use debug terminal to issue load commands