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Unable to erase the flash on a GT16A

Question asked by Paul Sweezie on Dec 11, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2009 by Paul Sweezie

I can not erase the flash when using PROGHCS08 v1.40.  Typically it re-initializes when I choose to erase the module.

The problem is with our board which we have modified. With the old board I have no problems but with the new one it fails. The changes on the board are not supposed to impact the MCU but obviously they do.

One difference I see when attempting erase the flash is that with our new board and v1.04 of the algorithm the programmer reports a bus frequency of 7741 KHz. With an older version of the algorithm it was reporting a bus frequency of 3685 KHz. With a working board the bus frequency is reported as 15546 KHz.

Can anybody suggest why the frequency is different or what to look at to solve this problem?