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OSBDM and BeeKit

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on Dec 9, 2009

I have an e-value-8 board, and I have been using it with success to program a small board with a HC08JM. Now I got a kit with 2 boards for Zigbee development. Each board has a zigbee transciever and a HC08QE128, with the 6-pin BDM header. I have used the Beekit to generate code for a simple wireless UART test, and I have exported that code to CodeWarrior 6.2. When generating code inside beekit, the software asks the board I am using, so I have defined the board I have (MC1320X-S08QE128-EVB). When I select debug, what opens is the PEMICRO Connection Manager, with options to Cyclone and Multilink programmers, but no options for OSBDM. In the original window, the MCP tab has the board name as the only option in the drop-down box.


Does anyone know how I can configure BeeKit and/or CodeWarrior imported project to accept the OBDM as a programmer option?


Thanks in advance


Antonio Quevedo