Dusan Sedlacek

DEMO9S08QD4 begginer learnig work with kit

Discussion created by Dusan Sedlacek on Dec 8, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hi all,

i have kit DEMO9S08QD4 and CodeWarrior 6.3. Please can you help me to understand basic functions of the MC...9S08QD4 family? I need understand what programming LED diode, switch, ADC and other peripheries on this kit. Can be sample code with instruction (notes), videotutorial, pdf, or oher (web site with code samples).Please help me, i'm begginer, but comment samples is great for me.

I understand basic work with CodeWarrior and setting parameters, but need basic programming instruction to learn.

Thank you...