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USB Device Mass Storage data refresh with MCF52252  MQX 3.4

Question asked by Michael Urbaniak on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Travis Klassen

I have built an application based on the device disk example.

I am able to have the device enumerate on a windows pc and look just like a thumb drive.

Using MFS I created a file on the disk and windows is able to read it with no errors.

The problem I am having is I update the file periodically but when I open it on the windows pc I only see the original file contents. I have verified that the file is modified correctly in the 52252 memory.

If I set a breakpoint on the USB_MSC_DEVICE_READ_REQUEST case in the Bulk_Transaction_Callback I never hit the breakpoint after the first time the file is opened on the windows pc. The only way i can see the updated file is to unplug the usb and then plug it back in to force it to enumerate.