httpd_server_run(server): How to Stop the task

Discussion created by Mike_d on Dec 2, 2009
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The TCP/IP task ends up with an "Invalid Task ID" error code when I stop the httpd server task using the code below. I also can't uninstall the tfs driver.  Can someone please tell me how I can gracefully shut down these services and bring them back up?


The Task:

void httpd_task(uint_32 initial_data)
 uint_32 error;

 HTTPD_STRUCT *server;
 extern const HTTPD_CGI_LINK_STRUCT cgi_lnk_tbl[];
 extern const HTTPD_FN_LINK_STRUCT fn_lnk_tbl[];
 extern const TFS_DIR_ENTRY tfs_data[];

 if ((error = _io_tfs_install("tfs:", tfs_data))) {
     printf("\ninstall returned: %08x\n", error);

 server = httpd_server_init((HTTPD_ROOT_DIR_STRUCT*)root_dir, "\\index.html");

 //This poll mode doesn't work
 // httpd_server_poll(server, 1);




Killing the Task: 

   task_id = _task_get_id_from_name("httpd server");

   if((error = _io_tfs_uninstall("tfs:")))
       printf("\ntfs uninstall returned: %08x\n", error);
   task_id = _task_get_id_from_name("httpd task");

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