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How generate a s19 with longword address

Discussion created by Eduardo Dias Vilela on Dec 2, 2009
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Hi coleagues,

Can somebody help me this tricK? I need to generate a s19 file with 32 bits of address. In .list file, I get: just put   LLEN 32 on the file thatthe address in this file appear in 32bits, but, in s19 file, is put just the address needed. For example: if my code (or data table) start at $0100, the s19 uses 2bytes. If starts as $100000, the s19 file uses 24bytes to specify the address. If I put my data at $01000000, then compiler just put 3bytes in s19 file.

My question is: how force it to use 4bytes in s19 file?

Thanks by any help!