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52277 IPSBAR

Discussion created by ian lovatt on Dec 2, 2009
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in MCF52277RM.pdf section 1.4 Memory Map Overview says IPS is at F000_0000h


yet the .lcf from an example project that came with the 52277EVB has the following:


# MCF52277 Derivative Memory map definitions from linker command files:
# symbols must be defined in the linker command file.

# Memory Mapped Registers (IPSBAR= 0x40000000)
 ___IPSBAR         = 0x40000000;


4000_0000 is the same address as the external DDR. I'm not experiencing any problems so I think i've just misunderstood something .


Can anyone explain to me why IPSBAR and the external DDR seem to be mapped to the same address space?