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I'm getting desperate. Has anyone gotten Symphony-Studio to run?

Question asked by Mark Hotchkiss on Dec 2, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2009 by Alberto spinazze'

I haven't, and neither has Freescale Support. The service request has been open since October. Nothing in Symphony-Studio seems to work, even for the support person. He complains that he can't get any help from the developers, and has advised me to give up. My calls to the support 800 number falls on sympathetic, but impotent ears. They say they will try to get someone to call me back, and then I hear nothing . . .


We have been dead in the water for a month, and management is ready to scrap Freescale and switch to Analog Devices DSPs. I don't wish to scrap 15 years-worth of DSP code. They've done it before, moving from HC08 to AVR because of CodeWarrior, scrapping 20 years-worth code, so I know they are serious.


Is anyone out there using Symphony-Studio? Or am I the only one stupid enough to try?