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MC9S08SH8 / MC9S08SH16 compatibility?

Discussion created by Javier Ruano Gomez on Dec 1, 2009
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I am new here, my question is regarding the compatibility of the 20-pin TSSOP versions of these two microcontrollers, are they 100% compatible?. I am developing an application in the SH8 and need to upgrade to the SH16. The USB multilink interface does not seem to be happy with the change. What am I missing here?... whebn I change the CPU bean to the SH16 bean (which is a derivative of the SH32 bean it seems) and I try to debug with the USB multilink it shows a window saying: "Elf Loader - Error while writing to C000..C200. Information: No memory at this address". I was assuming this two microcontrollers were direct replacements (both in 20-pin TSSOP).


On the other hand I need to know if it is still possible to use the free version of the Codewarrior with the SH16, I was assuming yes too, because it falls below the 16Kb codesize limit I have read in the documentation.

Please, get back to me on this, I am kind of stuck.


Thanks a lot!




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