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MPC8555 Sec2.0 test using CW(Simulator ) V8.8

Question asked by Nilesh Badodekar on Nov 28, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2009 by Nilesh Badodekar

Hi there,

I plan to work on MPC8555 (e500 v1) and CDS 8555 board.

My task is to make use of inbuilt sec 2.0 engine of 8555.

Before flashing the device I wanted to simulate my code using CW simulator V 8.8 (ISS simulator )

I am not planning to use any linux interface in final board as well so doing it in firmware only

( i just want to encrypt an array of data to start with )


Thru the code i can access modify and set all the relevant registers of SEC2.0 engine.

I write the appropriate Descriptors as well.

However the Encrption just doesn't take place!


Things I do.

1. Initialize master Control Register

2. Initialize Crypto Channel 1 configuration register.

3. Write 8 dwords ( hearder and 7 descriptors for SDES in ECB mode ) in a contigious block of memory

4. Assign the Crypto Channel 1 Fetch fifo register, the address of Descriptor header.


According to Sec2.0 manual and the datasheet of 8555, the encryption should be initiated. 


Kindly guide me if I am doing any step wrong or missing something althogether.

Thanking you