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Some questions re mqx and coldfire mcf52259

Discussion created by Geoff Westwood on Nov 26, 2009
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Just started looking at mqx running on an M52259EVB board. I am new to CodeWarrior, Coldfire and MQX so the learning curve is looking a bit vertical at the moment !


Q1) I have run the Flashx example demo code "flash_demo.c"

It seems to work OK but i am puzzled by the numbers it reports back


The BASE_ADDRESS: 0xf000
Number of sectors: 4
The WIDTH: 32
There are 4 sectors in Block 1
Block 1 Sector Size: 4096 (0x1000)
Total size of the Flash device is: 16384 (0x4000)


I was expecting this to somehow tie up with the size of the internal flash (512k/bytes). Can anyone explain how the blocks and sectors tie up with the 512k/bytes figure ?



Q2) I was pondering my options for a bootloader in my end product. I need a simple user friendly solution to upgrade my Application program either via USB memory stick or TFTP over Ethernet. My thoughts so far ...


a) Is U-Boot available and suitable for a 52259 ? I dont think U-boot is available for this chip, and from memory when I used it a while back it weighs in at 200k or so. This is almost half of the Internal flash, so I have dismissed U-boot as an option.


b) In the Eval board demo programs there is an example bootloader that updates Application code over the USB link. Great I thought, problem solved. Wrong, the update method is not via a USB memory stick, it is via a cable to a PC. Rewriting this to work as a host not a device isnt trivial I suspect ?


c) Maybe I could use the example USB host code and turn that into a bootloader program that can burn an App from a memory stick. Not sure on how big a job this might be ?


d) There is an open source Ethernet boot loader called FNET. This would give me the load App via TFTP, but its Interface isnt very user friendly for non techy people and I wasnt particularly wanting to have to figure out another package, MQX is enough to keep me busy for a while yet !


Thoughts on the bootloader ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks


  Regards Geoff











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