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demo9s08ll16 and nRF24l01 pin connection help please....

Discussion created by ewqrwe ewrwer on Nov 25, 2009
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I am totally new to MCU's :mansurprised: .....i need help with connecting nRF24l01 transiver to demo9s08ll16 board's i/0 pins..... i looked at datasheet but still cant get it, its confusing for example when connecting MOSI of transiver to the board there are two pins, one at 42 and another at 28 they both have the MOSI name; now which one has to be selected.... How pins are connected generaly (not for this MCU for others)? Thx


nRF24ll01 pins information:



demo9s08ll16 data sheet page 5 has the pin connection information: