Patrick Johnson

Handling Multiple Exceptions

Discussion created by Patrick Johnson on Nov 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by Albert Grippo

Processor:  MPC5554

Codewarrior:  5.9.0 (ver 2.2.1 for MPC55xx)


What is the correct way to handle multiple exceptions such as the decrementer and fixed interval timer?  I can get each one to work by themselves just fine, but if I enable both the DEC and FIT interrupts, things don't work.


I am using the sample Exceptions.c file that is auto-generated by Codewarrior.  Instead of having all exceptions use the EXCEP_DefaultExceptionHandler function, I have created seperate functions for both the DEC and FIT and updated IVORx registers accordingly.


Do I need to use additional tags in the "__declspec(interrupt)" command?