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Code not generating (Imput Capture) Interrupt

Question asked by antonio echeverria on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2009 by antonio echeverria

Hello, Im new in this forum, I have several monts of experienece with microcontrollers (the HCS08QG8 only in assembler), and I have a problem: I need to measure the width of an external pulse generated by a sensor (the ultrasonic sensor SRF05), I have configured the TPM channel 0 as Input Capture with event on Rising Edge, enabled the interrupt in this source, enabled the global mask interrupt, configured the pin 2 of port A (TPM channel 0) as input, but the signal provided by the sensor doesn´t generate the interrupt, and the pulse of the sensor is ok. Debugging I discovered that the flag of the associated port doesn´t get set (reading directly the port with LDA TPMC0SC), tried generating a Timer interrupt and this is neither genereated. I don´t know how to get the interrupt. Any help will be appreciated.