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Availability / Production of MC68HC908AB32? Has anything changed recently?

Discussion created by John Dowdell on Nov 24, 2009
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Our company uses what we think (for us at least) is a significant number of 08AB32 uCs on a range of products. Recently one of our local board stuffers commented that is not as easy as it once was to get 08AB32s.


I then checked some of the usual suspects of online semis vendors (Digikey, Mouser etc) and id does seem as though noone is actually holding stock or noone is holding more than a handful in stock.


I don't know how ive missed this info before but in Buy/Parametrics it states our model of 08AB32 as "no longer manufactured".

Can someone confirm this for me please?


It sounds like we'll have to change to another uC. We're familiar with several uCs from the s08 range and a couple from the s12 range but is there an official recommendation for moving from 08AB32 to a particular model in s08 or s12?


Our flavour of AB32 is MC68HC908AB32CFU.




Any feedback is appreciated,


John Dowdell

Sydney Australia


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