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Freescale FAT Driver

Discussion created by Shaopeng Liu on Nov 23, 2009
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Hi guys,


Has anyone used the FAT driver provided by Freescale for writting data into an SD card? If so, would you mind giving me some suggestions on the following questions? Thanks in advance!


(1) One weird thing that I found about this driver is that the time for writing the same amount of data (e.g. 500 8-bit data points) into the SD card keeps increasing as the data file gets larger and larger. Anyone knows why this would happen? Is there any way that can solve it?


(2) It seems that the driver can only create up to 16 different data files. Freescale says that some versions of the drivers have this problem. I used the latest one they sent, but still didn't work out. Anyone has the same experience?


(3) I wrote data into 16 data files to avoid the problem I described in (1). However, I noticed that some of the data files may get corrupted, therefore were not able to be read. Does anyone know why this would happen and how to solve it?


Again, thank you very much in advance. I will appreciate any suggestion or comments from you, even if you haven't used the FAT driver before.







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