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Tell debugger to mass erase only 1/2 flash before flashing new program (CW6.2, MCF51AC)

Question asked by Sven Kopacz on Nov 22, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Mark Hotchkiss



I am using the CW that came with the ACDEMO board, which is CW6.2 afaik, with the AC256 CPU.


Is it possible to somehow have the debugger mass erase only 50% (or any other fraction) of the 256k flash  memory in a MCF51AC256 before the new program code is then sent to the flash (which is only < 64k anyways).

Reason is, I flash a seperate .S19 file into the upper flash regions (containing data tables) and it doesnt really work that well when doing it via the postload.cmd because of delays, timeout issues and what have you. So I'd like to save the hazzle for only those moments when I really change anything within these data tables.


So if the debugger could just leave the upper e.g. 128k untouched when flashing new code, that would be a great relief. Any chance?