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SPI Interface for MC9S12XE 144Pin Pkg

Discussion created by satish mhamunkar on Nov 21, 2009
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       I am using MC9S12XE 144Pin Pkg device in my application, I want to Interface 5 Nos. of SPI peripheral devices. As per datasheet of MC9S12XE 144Pin there are Four SPI module. But limitation is if I interface each slave device on each SPI module, I will be consuming more I/O’s in that case & I am low in I/O’s.I just want to know if I use following technique in which one of the SPI module say SPI0 used as common interface shared but between all the slave devices & controlling Salve selects of slaves through the General purpose Digital Outputs will it be fine. Only thing required in this case is I have to take care in software.Please kindly recommend me the proper way of interfacing in my case.