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Possible to Use CW IDE to Program NVRAM with Default Image?

Discussion created by Antonio Sestito on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by CrasyCat
I hunted in the forums for a bit to try and find an answer to this.

I am trying to add to my project an S19 file that contains the default NVRAM image I wish to use for my project. That way, when I program the HCS12XA with the PE Micro USB Multilink Interface The NVRAM is automatically programmed to the initial values I desire. I've looked at accomplishing the same in the PRM file but I don't see how that is possible either.

The only other way I can see how to program NVRAM is to use oue production programmer.

Any pointers to get me started in the right direction will be very helpful. I'm sure this quetion must have come up more than once.