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Problems with interrupt handling

Discussion created by David Richter on Nov 17, 2009
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Hi. I've got the following problem and I hope anyone can help me.


I want to build up a small CAN network with MCF52235 and therefor I want to use an interrupt controlled message receive, so every successful received message is caught by the ISR.


For the first tests, I enabled the interrupt sources for the flexcan message buffers with interrupt level and priority, set all IMASK bits in flexcan module and put the interrupt handlers in the vector table. But when I start the transmission and the IFLAG bit for successful transmit is set, no interrupt occurs.


In the attached files are the exceptions.c with the vector_table, MCF52235_INTC.h with ISR prototypes and MCF52235.c with interruptcontroller initialization and the ISR functions.


I hope anyone can tell me where I did something wrong.


Best regards





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