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PE micro terminal program escapes

Discussion created by Sven Kopacz on Nov 17, 2009
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I am using several Coldfire and S08 demo boards, they all come with the handy PE micro terminal application. I use that a lot since it doesnt require any additional cables.

However a lot if times I'd like to produce some kind of formatted output, say a table of variable states, that would require at least some basic kind of output formatting. E.g. move the cursor one line up or just to the home position (upper/left).

I tried several VT52 and VT100 codes, but to no avail. I checked the PE micro site, the docs and the forums there, but it seems that no one replies there to questions regarding the terminal app.


Now I was wondering, maybe someone here already figured either how to issue some cursor positioning codes or maybe how to hook up this USB serial thing they did there to any regular terminal program. (And yeah, i figured it interprets "\r" and "\n" correctly, but that gives me only one single line).