Rahmi Tanir

Using Processer Expert Tool for M52259 Demo

Discussion created by Rahmi Tanir on Nov 15, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2010 by Processor Expert

Hello Everyone,

I'm a student from Turkey who is triying understand and work on M52259 demo board. I can easily work with processer expert tool on HC12 without having any problems. But when i use processer expert for M52259 demo board it always gives same two errors. I select MCF52259_144_LQFP as target CPU from bean selector. But each time that i run it it gives these errors. 


INTERNAL ERROR: at line 2082: Unknown macro: "CW_PRJWIZ_MCU_NAME" (file:smileyvery-happy:rivers\MCF\MCF.drv)


INTERNAL ERROR: at line 121: File not found: sources\startcf.c (file:smileyvery-happy:rivers\MCF\CodeWarriorMCF_Plugin.prg)


Is there any one to help me fix tis problem?