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ADC Blocking

Question asked by Carl Norman on Nov 13, 2009
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I have several ADC inputs configured like this:


const ADC_INIT_CHANNEL_STRUCT adc_channel_param1 =
    Zone1_ADC_Input, // physical ADC channel
    ADC_CHANNEL_MEASURE_LOOP | ADC_CHANNEL_START_TRIGGERED, // runs continuously after IOCTL trigger
    4,              // number of samples in one run sequence
    0,              // time offset from trigger point in us
    200000,         // period in us = 150mS
    0x10000,        // scale range of result (not used now)
    4,             // circular buffer size (sample count)
    ADC_TRIGGER_1,  // logical trigger ID that starts this ADC channel


The above period is set to 150mS, but it doesnt block.


How should I use the ADC to run 4 samples over 150mS and block to the processor can do its other various tasks while it waits?