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Howto: Low cost 1Gb of NVM for MQX (removable media not required)

Question asked by Carl Norman on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by Carl Norman

We need around 1Gb of NVM for our application (based on 52259), it must not be able to be removed without a locking mechanism i.e. USB stick is no good. I can buy 1Gb SD Cards for a few dollars, so the price is right!


I noticed in another thread that MQX3.4 would support MFS for SD Cards. Is there an example on using an SD Card with MQX 3.4 with MFS? I believe the SD Card would need an SPI driver / wrapper before you can install MFS on it? Or is there a 'generic' driver that would work with SD Cards? Has anyone done this, or, can someone tell me how to get started? (my guess i need to use the MQXIOUG to work out how to make my driver, then install MFS on that)

I have never used MFS (beyond the demo) and have not worked directly with SD Cards, so I don't really know what road to go down, or where to start...


PS Currently we using the MRAM, but 512KB is way too small, and VERY expensive. I think MRAM is about USD$17 for 512KB (4Mbits).

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