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help about MCF52259 DEMO

Discussion created by Matteo Rubini on Nov 10, 2009
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Hello everyone, I'm an Italian student and I'm working on a MCF52259 demo. I'm trying to control a LED with the MCF52259 and I've written this code following an old work by a student, but the  doesn't work at the right frequency, even if I set it manually...


Do you see any error in my code? I can't figure out what's wrong about it. Thank you very much for your aid!!



 /*** ### MCF52259CAG80 "Cpu" init code ... ***/
  /*** PE initialization code after reset ***/
  /* System clock initialization */
  /* CCHR: ??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,CCHR=5 */
  setReg8(CCHR, 0x05);                 /* Set the predivider */
  /* SYNCR: LOLRE=0,MFD=3,LOCRE=0,RFD=0,LOCEN=0,DISCLK=0,FWKUP=0,??=0,??=0,CLKsrc=1,PLLMODE=1,PLLEN=1 */
  setReg16(SYNCR, 0x3007);             /* Set the SYNCR register */
  while (!(SYNSR & SYNSR_LOCK_BITMASK)){} /* Wait until the PLL is locked. */
  /* LPDR: ??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,LPD=0 */
  setReg8(LPDR, 0x00);                 /* Set the low power divider */
  /* RTCCR: ??=0,EXTALEN=0,??=0,OSCEN=0,KHZEN=0,REFS=0,LPEN=0,RTCSEL=1 */
  setReg8(RTCCR, 0x01);                /* Set the RTC oscillator and RTC clock select */
  /* BWCR: ??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,BWDSTOP=0,BWDSEL=1 */
  setReg32(BWCR, 0x01);                /* Set the BWCR register */
  /*** End of PE initialization code after reset ***/



my code..

 double Out_sigma2=0;
double Out_sigma2_old=0;
double Vout=0;
double Vin=0;
double PidEnable=0;



 /* Blocco sigma delta del dimming */
  Vin=0.5; // valore fisso per prova
 //  random2 = rand() ;
//      random2=random2/65536;
    if (Out_sigma2<0.5)


 I set the micro so that it should work at 80 MHz, but the output switches at 100kHz!!!!!!


On the contrary, if I execute this code:





the exit switches at 3MHz !!!


Help me please!!!