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Managing Burned Out EEPROM segments

Discussion created by Chris Belsky on Nov 10, 2009
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I have an application using the DZ60A (8-bit uP) that is susceptible to EEPROM cells burning out due to exceeding the lifetime erase/write cycles of the EEPROM.  The value (I'll just call is "x" in this example) that I'm storing to EEPROM is 4-bytes, and I'm using the 4-byte mode of EEPROM.  Thus, I have created a two-dimensional array in EEPROM sized [100][4] where I can do a "rolling" routine writing "x" to the next arrary cell during every write.  This gives me approximately 5-million erase/cycles for "x".  My situation now is that I need a method to monitor and save the locations of any array cells that are burnt out.  Does anyone have any creative solutions for this type of application?  

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