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cannot print hex values LIBDEF_PRINTF_ALLOW_HEXINT

Question asked by renee straney on Nov 8, 2009
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I cannot print hex values using %x.  


I am using Codewarrior 7.1 build 14 


I found a thread about this posted by CrasyCat.  Where CrasyCat says "Open the project" and "Activate target"  can someone please explain how to do this?


Do I close my project and open the mcp that is being referenced?   I tried opening a few of the mcps in that directory and hitting alt-F7 but none of them give me the  "C/C++ Preprocessor" panel


I am assuming the mcp file is a new name now.   But I have no idea what Activate target "2i ColdFire RegABI" means to do.   The rest of the instructions I understand.


Here are the instructions that were posted by CrasyCat:


You can activate support for display of Hexadecimal number in the following way:
  - Start the IDE
  - Open the project {Install}\ColdFire_Support\msl\MSL_C\MSL_ColdFire\Project\MSL_C.CF.v1.word.mcp (where {Install} refers to your CodeWarrior installation directory)
  - Activate target "2i ColdFire RegABI"
  - Open the target settings dialog (press ALT+F7)
  - Switch to the "C/C++ Preprocessor" panel
  - Add following line in there:
  - Close the Target Settings dialog pressing OK
  - Press the Make button to rebuild the library
  - rebuild your project.
printf should support %X from now on.

I was hoping that I just needed to open my project and go to the"C/C++ Preprocessor" panel and

add following line in there:


But that didn't work...


Please help!